Monday, October 30, 2017

2nd Annual Food Safety and Microbiology Conference

ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc and Kornacki Microbiology Solutions, Inc are proud to be hosting the 2nd Annual Food Safety and Microbiology Conference being held February 26-28 at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas, TX.  This 2.5 day conference will cover a variety of topics aimed at providing attendees with the knowledge, tools, resources and solutions to manufacture safe food while meeting regulations and maintaining a profitable business.

Program Highlights:

  • How to Have No Fear of an FDA or FSIS Inspection
  • Biofilms: From Formation to Elimination
  • Battle Complacency in Your Food Safety Program
  • Hygenic Design: Highly Effective or Hardly Attainable?
  • How We Went from Recall to Supplier of the Year

Speakers include:

Gary Acuff - Texas A&M
Anna Jesus - Amy's Kitchen
Mickey Parish - FDA
Michele Sayles - Diamond Pet Food
Shawn Stevens - Food Industry Counsel
Diane Walker - Center for Biofilm Engineering

Click here for the full agenda.

Early bird pricing ends tomorrow, October 31, so sign up today and reserve your spot at the reduced rate.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Chambers

Ultraviolet light is well positioned for the disinfection of commonly used items that are carriers of harmful organisms which lead to disease.  UV light provides rapid disinfection without the use of liquid chemicals, allowing you to treat electronics and other moisture and chemical-sensitive items.  UV light can be easily and safely used within small chambers, such as our Flashbox and Flashbox mini UV Disinfection Chambers.


The Flashbox mini is an off-the-shelf model available in one size which provides a simple, quick and effective method of disinfecting small items, especially those commonly shared such as tablets, phones, pens, etc.  The Flashbox is available in custom sizes and can be used to disinfect larger items that do not fit within the Flashbox mini including devices like stethoscopes which have a near 0% cleaning compliance rate, laptops, and more.

Learn more about UV by visiting You can also find us at the upcoming California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors Conference on November 7th in San Luis Obispo, CA where we'll be at Booth #8 or at the NJ Statewide Conference on EMS in Atlantic City, NJ from November 9-11 where we'll be at Booth #204, or the Texas EMS Conference on November 19th-22nd in Fort Worth, Texas at Booth #302.