Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Flash Tunnel: Customizable UV-C Disinfection Conveyor System

The Flash Tunnel is an ultraviolet light (UV-C) disinfection conveyor system designed for use in any setting, particularly catering to the needs of those in food production, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and research settings. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also had a number of office buildings, warehouses, and airports inquire about the Flash Tunnel for outgoing products and incoming supplies, protecting both the employees and customers. The conveyor design provides a way to effectively disinfect instruments and components from a typical environment into a barrier facility or clean environment on the opposite end without any risk of cross-contamination. 

The Flash Tunnel is a fully customized system to ensure your specific item(s) have the proper UV-C exposure according to your desired time, size, and dosage requirements. The Flash Tunnel can be of belt, roller, or chain style to accommodate the specific product and exposure level. The UV-C bulbs that last 13,000 hours are shielded by the metal enclosure blocking UV-C wavelengths from passing through, but has viewing ports to ensure proper functionality. Some common applications include the fast, chemical-free disinfection of equipment, animal feed bags, mail, masks, supplies, product packaging, and moisture sensitive electronics. 

View the brochure to learn more and contact us to start designing your own Flash Tunnel.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Strategically Scheduled Downtime Provides Opportunity for a Verified Clean Break

For the past 18-months, our Pharmaceutical and Food Safety experts have been discussing the importance of establishing clean breaks within the production environment.  A clean break is a defined production break that involves a documented, verified, and validated cleaning and sanitation process of all food/product contact surfaces. Clean breaks are used to establish lots in order to trace their products and to limit the quantity or product recalled in case of a contamination. We recently worked with one of our food industry clients to amend their strategy and save time and money in establishing their clean break.

This dairy powder processing plant had been decontaminating their production environment annually for the past few years.  Over this time, the facility made improvements to its equipment and the building itself in order to mitigate some of the issues that were uncovered after resetting the plant’s microbiome.  In one instance, the facility was able to trace a new contamination to a minor water leak into their plant.  This year, it was determined that the environment was in much better control than in previous years as no pathogens were found in the environment.  With that information, our team entered discussions with the facility to amend the scope of the decontamination.  Instead of treating the entire production environment, the decontamination would focus on the tanks and piping system up through to the packaging equipment.  This strategy enabled the facility to save both time and money as the treatment volume was dramatically reduced, while still acting as a true clean break.  With a cost savings of over 60%, the facility is now considering this treatment plan twice a year to provide further provide peace of mind in case of a product contamination.

ClorDiSys’ decontamination method and approach to process control has enabled us to be trusted to keep critical environments safe, including most major pharmaceutical companies and 31 of the Top 100 food manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about clean breaks, how to establish the scope of a project, or our decontamination services in general, please contact us at sales@clordisys.com or complete this form.