Thursday, January 14, 2021

Case Study: Decontamination prior to Renovation

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, contamination control and sterility are crucial components to maintaining the highest level of quality products expected of companies in these fields. ClorDiSys Solutions’ chlorine dioxide decontamination services have successfully treated many pharmaceutical facilities over the past 20 years, eliminating viruses, bacteria, molds, and beta lactams. New facilities, as well as buildings undergoing renovation, have been decontaminated to establish sterility prior to production starting up as well. One pharmaceutical company required our services to decontaminate five separate animal holding rooms and lab spaces (totaling approximately 25,000 cubic feet) prior to renovation. Our service technicians needed to gas each room individually, because we were unable to shut down the HVAC system. We used bubble tight dampers to isolate each room from the HVAC system. The decontamination took place with all process parameters being met to achieve the targeted 6-log sporicidal reduction in all rooms. The biological indicators were negative for growth after 36 hours of incubation, capping off a successful decontamination.

ClorDiSys Solutions offers many chlorine dioxide-based decontamination products and services to preserve pharmaceutical companies’ product integrity and trust. If you would like to learn more about how to establish the scope of a project or our decontamination services in general, please contact us at or complete this form.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Utilize ClorDiSys’ Free Grant Assistance Program to Access Funding Available for COVID-19 Recovery and Response

ClorDiSys Solutions is committed to helping organizations that serve our community during these unprecedented times, and we recognize the important role that grants play in funding for such groups. Grants are not a loan or “free money”, but funds allocated to supporting a need or project based on defined requirements. Navigating through the grant application process can be challenging, but you do not have to do it alone. ClorDiSys is dedicated to helping organizations through a grant assistance program geared towards EMS, Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Local Government. Through the ClorDiSys Grant Assistance Program, customers can lean on us and our grant experts for some of that time-consuming work involved in creating a compelling narrative and application. The services you can take advantage of through the ClorDiSys Grant Assistance Program are: 

Free GrantFinder Portal Access
A proprietary tool that provides a live personalized database of grant opportunities applicable to your agency.

Free Coaching and Application Help
Consultative assistance through the entire application process, including narrative review and application proofreading, whether it's needed a little or a lot.

Discounted Comprehensive Grant Writing Service
Complete end-to-end expert writing service for those that don’t have the time, or want help putting their best foot forward, at a discounted rate.

To get started for free, fill out some basic information in the Assistance Request Form. You will be connected with a Customer Success Associate, a territory-specific expert, who will provide support before, during, and after your grant submission.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Case Study: Equipment Decontamination in a Trailer

Shipping containers and trucks can be used in the chlorine dioxide gas decontamination process multiple ways. For one, the shipping container or truck’s trailer can serve as a temporary chamber where equipment and supplies are put in and sterilized at once. For another, the truck itself can be sterilized without anything in it to produce a clean environment prior to product being loaded. An example of the former would be a sandwich company who filled a standard-sized truck trailer with new equipment to be decontaminated prior to installation within their processing area. The client took this opportunity to not only decontaminate this new, unassembled piece of equipment but include additional equipment from inside as well, really packing the trailer, since chlorine dioxide gas is a true gas at room temperatures that disperses evenly and completely, getting down into all of the cracks and crevices of hard-to-reach areas within crowded spaces. This decontamination service took place right outside in the client’s parking lot, away from the building, allowing production to run as usual inside. Even in the snowy inclement weather that day, our Decontamination Services team was able to complete this job in 5 hours, from set up to clean up, and the incubated biological indicators were found negative, confirming the chlorine dioxide decontamination was successful.

Generally speaking, if the space can be sealed, it can be decontaminated. ClorDiSys' chlorine dioxide gas technology allows for a complete decontamination of your facility, room, equipment, or ductwork with minimal downtime. View a sample of some other decontamination service projects here, and contact us if you have a project you'd like to explore.