Monday, July 26, 2021

Decontaminating PC Lines in Food / Pharma

Many food and pharmaceutical processing plants work with dry powder products, which are conveyed throughout the facility in piping systems from vessel to vessel and into the finished product package.  These product conveyance (PC) lines need to be disinfected in a careful manner which ensures that they are completely dry before product is reintroduced.  If a liquid disinfectant is introduced, it can bind with residual product to form crusts and hard biofilms.   ClorDiSys uses dry, chlorine dioxide gas to decontaminate piping systems and has performed many successful treatments within both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Chlorine dioxide gas works extremely well for this application because, as a gas, it is able to move freely through the piping system and all the bends and turns throughout.
  Gasses do not condense or stick to surfaces like liquids and liquid based vapor methods would, they simply continue to travel down the line and fill up the entire system.  To speed this process up, a recirculation loop is traditionally set up to connect the inlet and outlet of the system and provide an airflow within the closed loop.  Chlorine dioxide gas is able to be accurately measured throughout the entire process, typically being measured at the very end of the loop upstream of the gas injection location.  This allows for excellent process control, as the decontamination process continues until the proper dosage has been met, rather than end after a preset time.  This allows the decontamination process to be validated to a particular dosage, which can be reliably and repeatably met every time.  As a process which can be validated, chlorine dioxide gas can be used as a clean break within the PC lines, allowing for a true microbial reset of the environment.

Another main benefit for the use of ClorDiSys dry generated chlorine dioxide gas comes at the end of the treatment. CD gas is safe to vent to the atmosphere, allowing tanks and piping systems to be vented to exhaust at the end of the cycle.  Our proprietary pure chlorine dioxide gas does not leave a residue, making it ideal for product contact surfaces such as PC lines.  For such a critical part of the production process, it is essential to use an effective sanitation method.  With treatment times ranging from 4-8 hours depending on the complexity, decontaminations can be implemented as part of scheduled downtimes and occur at varying frequencies to provide greater assurance that the product being conveyed is safe.

To learn more about PC Line Decontamination, join our webinar on August 19th.