Thursday, November 16, 2017

Preventive Food Safety Program

We are extremely proud to announce a new tool for the food industry to improve their food safety profile, our Preventive Food Safety Program.  This program offers a wide variety of services and solutions to help food facilities identify gaps within their food safety program, improve their Environmental Monitoring and Sanitation programs, and ensure that their liabilities are properly managed.

The Preventive Food Safety Program brings together food safety experts from a number of leading companies to provide the most all-encompassing portfolio of services aimed to prevent contamination and manage liability.  Services include:

  • Establishment an Emergency Contamination Response Plan
  • Addition of Routine Preventive Decontamination to Supplement Current Sanitation
  • Conducting a Comprehensive Food Safety Program Review
  • Assessing and Challenging the Existing Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Reviewing and/or Establishing a Recall Plan
  • Conducting Mock Inspections
  • Challenging and Validating Your Current Laboratory
  • Reviewing Your Insurance Policies and Coverages
  • Reviewing and Addressing Your Legal Liabilities
  • Offering On-site and Off-site Training to Increase Your Team’s Knowledge and Capabilities

Organizations Participating in the Preventive Food Safety Program are:

Program Benefits:
  • You can select only the services you need
  • There are no markups for these services, so there is no premium for bundling these services within the Preventive Food Safety Program
  • All services are obtained through one purchasing source
  • All services performed under NDA or Attorney Client Privilege
To learn more, visit or contact Kevin Lorcheim at