Thursday, January 14, 2021

Case Study: Decontamination prior to Renovation

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, contamination control and sterility are crucial components to maintaining the highest level of quality products expected of companies in these fields. ClorDiSys Solutions’ chlorine dioxide decontamination services have successfully treated many pharmaceutical facilities over the past 20 years, eliminating viruses, bacteria, molds, and beta lactams. New facilities, as well as buildings undergoing renovation, have been decontaminated to establish sterility prior to production starting up as well. One pharmaceutical company required our services to decontaminate five separate animal holding rooms and lab spaces (totaling approximately 25,000 cubic feet) prior to renovation. Our service technicians needed to gas each room individually, because we were unable to shut down the HVAC system. We used bubble tight dampers to isolate each room from the HVAC system. The decontamination took place with all process parameters being met to achieve the targeted 6-log sporicidal reduction in all rooms. The biological indicators were negative for growth after 36 hours of incubation, capping off a successful decontamination.

ClorDiSys Solutions offers many chlorine dioxide-based decontamination products and services to preserve pharmaceutical companies’ product integrity and trust. If you would like to learn more about how to establish the scope of a project or our decontamination services in general, please contact us at or complete this form.