Monday, April 12, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Production Facility Decontamination


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ClorDiSys has been proudly helping essential businesses protect their workers and operations by providing contamination control solutions.  Recently, our Decontamination Services team assisted a contract manufacturer prepare their facility for the production and storage of COVID-19 vaccines.  This facility had previously been used in the production of a beta-lactam antibiotic, which offered the unfortunate possibility of cross-contamination of the beta-lactam used.  With anywhere from 10-20% of the general population having some allergic reaction to penicillin or other beta-lactams, the facility required a true complete decontamination in order to guarantee the safe manufacture and storage of the new vaccines.  In order to mitigate this risk, it was decided to treat the area using chlorine dioxide gas.  Having been shown effective against a variety of beta-lactams, chlorine dioxide gas presented a verified process of treating the entire environment.  In this case, the facility treated the environment after removing all prior equipment and before the installation of the new equipment.  The decontamination took place over the course of two days, and the facility was able to start installing equipment the next day.  We have always been proud of the work accomplished at ClorDiSys over the past twenty years and assisting in the safe production of vaccines to end the COVID-19 pandemic ranks pretty high up on our list of achievements.  Look for our blog post next week for more info regarding how we've assisted during the COVID-19 pandemic.