Monday, June 28, 2021

Decontaminating New/Used Equipment


Facilities are routinely purchasing equipment for their critical environments (laboratories, production rooms, filling rooms, animal holding rooms, grow rooms, etc).  The equipment can be purchased new directly from the manufacturer, or purchased used from a third party.  Hardly any new piece of equipment is manufactured and delivered under sterile conditions, and most used equipment does not come “certified clean”.  This leaves the facility in charge of ensuring that the equipment is clean and safe to be installed in their critical environment.  As it can be extremely challenging for a facility to perform a complete decontamination of equipment, we have been offering our services to decontaminate newly purchased equipment at the delivery location using chlorine dioxide gas, a US EPA registered sterilant proven capable of eliminating all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

Depending on the size of the equipment and its final installed location, decontamination can take place prior to installation in a container or plastic tent, or after installation by decontaminating the entire room.  Decontaminating the room after the equipment has been installed eliminates the risk of recontamination as the equipment is transferred into place, and allows for any pathogens disturbed by the installation process to be treated.  This makes it the safest method, but it can be more challenging and more expensive if the room the equipment is installed in is very large.

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